20 July 2011

The view from my window

I think I've mentioned before that I live in a basement, without many windows.  The one big window we have is in my bedroom and it looks out to the patio in back.  This morning, as I was trying to wake up fully, my husband zipped open the blinds and, um, blinded me.  As soon as my eyes adjusted, this is what I saw.  I had to go outside for a picture, what with the screen and window being in the way.

I've decided I like pole beans, even though these ones haven't even put out a single blossom.  I like how the leaves are heart shaped and fill the space.  I like how daring the vine is, seeking out for something to climb and how it twists around things so quickly.  I've tried pole beans before, but didn't have any success.  Actually, the twigs I put in the ground for them to climb did better than the beans did. 

In other areas of the garden, there is one zucchini almost ready to pick and a one ball squash that is getting close.  Now I've got to decide what I'm going to fix with our first zucchini.  Should I fry it as a side dish?  Chop it into a casserole?  Mix up a pasta salad?  Maybe grill it next to some burgers?  I know I'll have plenty of opportunities to do all of the above many times over in the next month, but what to do right now? 

I've been discouraged by the summer squash this year.  The plants are big and healthy and there are plenty of blossoms, but the fruit are not growing.  They just rot right there on the vine.  We should have had at least ten of the one ball squash by now, but we're finally getting one.  I've been taking matters into my own hands lately, carrying a paintbrush out with me to make sure those flowers get a chance to produce.  It's a good thing we aren't dependent on our garden to feed us, because the lettuce is giving up, only one pea plant survived, and the radishes and turnips didn't do well at all.  I'm hoping all those green tomatoes will ripen someday soon.  I'm getting anxious for a tomato!


  1. Hasn't been a good Summer for most folks this year. I like your vine - even if you don't get beans from it!

  2. You have just given me an idea. We have a surround porch, but no shade. I plant vines of all kinds to make shade on the porch. Next year, I may try pole beans.Every other vine I have tried get so invasive. Maybe if it bears beans, I won't mind if it takes over the porch.Thanks for the idea.

  3. Hi! This is a lovely view...and just so you don't feel alone...my pole beans aren't hardly doing a thing either! The bush beans on the other hand are doing pretty good!

  4. We kinda gave up on gardening this year-most everything we transplanted died or was eaten. A bit discouraging to say the least!

    I love climbing plants of any kind-looks wonderful!