14 July 2011

Family reunions and pink puffy sleeves

It feels like I've been gone for a month, but it was only a week.  I spent the weekend with cousins and other relatives at our annual family reunion.  It is a camping affair, but we had a great time in spite of being dirty.  My dad nicely offered his camper to me.  There was a time in my life that I would have scoffed at such an idea.  I thought tents were for sissies.  Then I grew up and had children.  Life is different now.  My older two kids really wanted to stay in the tent, so we pitched it too.  They woke up at 6:30 am, ready to play.  Mom was not pleased. 

There was lots of visiting and catching up.  A big pot-luck dinner and an evening listening to stories of my grandpa, since it would have been his 100th birthday this month.
This is the only picture I can find of Grandpa.  With his team of horses.
After coming back, the reality of my daughter's 5th birthday was looming.  I decided to make her a princess dress.  While shopping at the second hand store, I discovered a great big, pink, girly curtain.  It wanted to be a princess dress, I could tell, so we brought it home and I started thinking about how to make this dress.  Usually, I start a project, thinking I can do it by myself and it ends up in a great big disaster.  This time, I decided to follow a pattern.  It turned out to be the most difficult sewing project I have ever done.  What was I thinking?  Sleeves?  Zipper? Miles and miles of gathers?  The amount of fabric on this little dress is simply ridiculous.  But, it's finished. 

I need to thank my mother for keeping the princess for a few days and my husband for hanging onto the baby most of the day so I could knock this project out.  This dress sets the record for fastest project, clocking in at two full days of crazed sewing.  I did stop for meals.  Oh, and I did give my husband some sewing lessons.  He sewed the lining of the bodice, and did a great job.  (don't tell him I told you).

And that is what I've been up to for the last week.  Now maybe the dishes and laundry will get done, but first I need to vacuum up all these little pink strings...


  1. That is absolutely a for real Princess dress! She is going to go ape-bleep! Fantastic job!

    I like to camp at Holiday Inn. Have for years....

  2. Haha, yes it is a for real princess dress. Very different from what I would have created on my own. That's what I get for picking out a pattern while wrestling a baby.
    It's funny how our idea of "roughing it" changes over time. My idea of a long car trip has changed with the addition of children as well.

  3. We're currently on a long road trip-a whole 8 hours away from home but enough to make me nearly crazy!

    Let us know how your daughter likes that beautiful dress!

  4. The dress is so pretty. You (and your hubby) did a fantastic job.

    Love the photo of your grandpa and the horses. What a treasure! :)