06 July 2011

Garden update

It's hard to believe that just a month ago, the garden looked like this.

This is how it looked a week ago.

And here it is today!

It's turning it to a jungle!  I think I need to prune the tomatoes a bit.  Any advice on that?  Is it okay to cut off that first big leafy shoot that doesn't produce any flowers, or is that a bad idea.  I seem to remember reading about that once.  I've also heard that you should prune indeterminates to just two main shoots, but I haven't done that yet.  The summer squash are blooming, as are the lemon cucumbers.  I'm finding that it's hard to get a good picture of anything with them all packed in there like this.  They seemed so spread out a month ago.

I can't wait to get more than salad out of here.  I see lots of little green tomatoes and little baby squash.  One thing for sure, gardening tries to teach patience!


  1. Looks like it's coming along nicely. I just recently bought an ebook by Jonathan White. It is a nice guide to keeping a year round garden going in a small space. It has lots of neat ideas you might be able to use.You might like to look it over.Food4Wealth by Jonathan White.

  2. Flourishing! I am not good with gardening - think you know that :-) Yours look so healthy! Watch out for the horn worms!

  3. Sounds great Sue! Sharon, I'm very worried about bugs. Grasshoppers mostly. I saw many of them last fall when we went for walks. In Wyoming, we don't get many pests. It's just too cold. :)

  4. Just my own common sense, but I'd prune off the leaves that have no blossoms. Lookin' good!