18 July 2011

Fair's fair...

Since I created a bright pink princess dress for my soon to be 5 year old, I figured my son could use a little costume love too.  Plus, we needed a "knight" to deliver the party invitations to make things authentic and proper.  The knight outfit was much easier to make.  I didn't even need a pattern!

He got to choose the insignia on the front.  I was hoping he'd pick the simple cross, but he picked the lion instead.  I was afraid I would have to bribe him to actually wear this outfit, what with him being so mature these days, but  I was wrong.  He puts it on every morning and we have to make him take it off to go someplace.  He likes it so much, he actually hung it up!  He doesn't hang anything up.  It could be that he gets to carry his play sword when he wears it, but whatever.  He will be doing his part to make the birthday fun for his sister.

And speaking of the sister... ever since the knight costume has been finished, she has been begging me to make her a queen dress.  I keep putting her off, telling her I'll look into it and maybe try.  I have such a hard time waiting until the actual day when I'm excited about a gift and I know that they will love it.  Almost there.  Soon she will be poofing around in a pink "queen" dress.

We're just finishing our party preparations.  Gifts are wrapped, food is in the fridge, party favors are ready.  Unfortunately, the cupcakes are not yet made.  I had planned to get them done during nap time, but nap time ended very early.  It might be a long night!

I will be a very happy momma as soon as all this birthday stuff is over.  Then I will be back to my normal schedule, whatever "normal" is.


  1. I remember well the "Princess" stage. My 10 year old grand daughter had to have every dress for every Princess type character that came along.This is probably your little ones first of many more to come,I'm sure.It sounds like a fabulous birthday party.

  2. I can't wait to see the expression on her face when she sees her dress. The knight outfit looks pretty cool.

  3. I do remember the party preparations, in half an hour it will be for naught, lol! Take loads of pictures and have fun, reserving some strength for the clean up!

    Cute Knight shirt!!!