05 July 2011

Travelin' Tuesday!

 I'm back for another edition of Travel Tuesday! I do apologize for the number of pictures, but this is my favorite place.  I lived in this city for almost 7 months back when I was 22.  There is a big fortress on the hill with vineyards and a river below.  It's just beautiful to me.

Downtown shopping area.

The Maypole... not a great picture.

The Main River.

The foot bridge over the river.

Statue on the bridge.

Looking up at the hill we are about to climb.

Beautiful chapel on a neighboring hilltop.  We walked up that hill too.

Me, looking lost in a vineyard. 

Looking down on yet another church.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful place! Don't believe I would care to walk up that hill, even when I could breathe! That's a doosey!