01 July 2011

Springtime at the ranch: branding, flooding, playing

Back from yet another trip to the ranch!  Almost two weeks this time, getting ready for the branding and then recovering from it.  I had lots of things to tell you about, but I think I'll just sum up the trip with some pictures.
Love the baby horses!

Remember last year, when everything flooded really bad?  It hadn't done that for almost 30 years, but it is flooding again this year.  Two years in a row!
Mud boots were necessary to enter the basement.
 There was cowboy-ing to do... cousins to play with and water to look at.

 Here's what they were looking at.  The water over the culverts was making a whirlpool and sucking sound.  Very interesting to kids and very worrisome to moms.  Very difficult to catch on camera too.
There are also things in bloom and happy border collie dogs.
Water flowing over the road.

Hawthorn bushes in bloom.

Jonesy looking dignified.
I mentioned cowboy-ing, right?
Coming in from the gather.
Roping in the little kid's pen with Dad.
There were other things going on during the branding, like puppy petting and a scavenger hunt for the kids.  Plus the normal adventuring of kids in a grove of trees.

The old Johnny Popper.  There was a clue on the seat.

The outhouse... and a destination in the hunt.

Old chicken coop, also a destination.

Playing pirates... or something like that.

Can you see me?  The girls, probably hiding from pirates.
It was fun, but it's good to be home.  The garden has really grown, but I'll update you on that another day. 
So, what have you been up to?


  1. The colts are so sweet! Looks like a great time, the kids really got into it! Your pictures tell more than your words! Love the pic of the little one petting the dog!

    How considerate of you to put smaller pictures (though highly viewable) in your post!

    This is a really great post!

  2. What a fun day...your cowpokes look happier than pigs in mud!! I know the water is probably an issue for you...wish we could take a little of your burden off of you down here in Texas. Here we're running water day and night just to keep things alive until the next rain. We haven't had a decent rain in so long, we're almost afraid to dream of it! Yet, we keep the faith. According to my predictions, one more month...then August & September--2 months of rain!! May it be so!

  3. Just a wonderful series of photos -- love the little ones having fun on the ranch. Love this! :)

  4. Looks like you guys had a great time! Those little cow boys are too cute!!