19 July 2011

Travel Tuesday

Pretty church in Kitzingen, Germany
 We visited a pretty little town near Wuerzburg, called Kitzingen.  The main trademark of this town is this leaning tower.  The story that I was told was that there was an evil man--the man that inspired the Dracula story- that lived nearby.  He did bad and scary things, and when the villagers finally caught him and killed him, they put his heart into the top of the tower.
 On the other side of the street, is the cemetery where his body was buried.  This is me looking at the grave.  Lots of skulls and scary things on it.
 The story says that if he and his heart ever come back together, he will come back to life.  The tower is leaning that way because he is calling it back to him.... Ooooooh.
 Probably just some story for the tourists, but it is kind of cool how the tower is leaning toward the cemetery and if it fell, it looks like it would land on that grave.
This is the palace in Wuerzburg, not to be confused with the fortress that we walked up to.  This is right in the city and has beautiful gardens.  We walked around forever, just enjoying the flowers and trees, the sculptures and the little garden hidy-holes.


  1. sawasdee ka!

    i come to visit naka.


  2. Interesting story, a tad on the creepy side, suppose that's what the dept. of tourism had in mind! Beautiful places!