Food Storage

I am on a year-long journey with food storage.  We have stored what we hope is enough food to get us through an entire year of school.  That said, I'm not a purist.  I buy fresh milk and cheese and vegetables, but my goal was to eat mainly from our pantry in order to have money to buy those fresh things.  This means that I have to make almost everything from scratch, which takes time.  Hopefully, by the end of this challenge, we will know almost exactly how much food is needed to get us through another year, and we will maybe save a bit of money in the process.

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Grinding wheat

August 2010 dry goods inventory:

White flour:      220 lbs
Hard red wheat:     150 lbs
Hard white wheat:  45 lbs
Powdered milk:     82 lbs
Sugar:                    170 lbs
Oats:                      59 lbs
Rice:                      75 lbs
Pasta:                     57 lbs