26 July 2011

Travelin' Tuesday!

It's late, but it's still Tuesday!  I forgot to get this up this morning since we were headed out the door on a family excursion, so here it is now.

Our next stop on our Germany trip was the well known, touristy town of Rothenburg. 
 It's a big tourist spot for a reason.  

Every street is like a postcard.  
 It's just beautiful.  
It has the stone wall running around the old part of town and so much history packed inside. 
 We took the night watchman's tour and learned quite a bit.
 We watched the sun go down and shine beautifully on the town.
Watching the light fade over this pretty town was definitely a high point of the trip.

 See the doors at the top of this big building?  I found out that they were for food storage way back in the day.  It was a law that you had to have a year's supply of food put away to feed your entire household and the attic was the only dry place to put it.  They would use a pulley system to hoist it up there.  As a food storage lover, I found that interesting.
Here I am, trespassing to get a shot of the garden gate.
 This is a stinkin awesome water wheel that we stopped to take pictures of on our way to Rothenburg.
Even though I kind of frown at being the typical tourist, I have to say that I loved my visit to Rothenburg, Germany.

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  1. Beautiful, simply beautiful. That Night Watchman's outfit looks a bit heavy - but I guess it's a job, right? Great picture of the rooftops as the sun was going down!