I have so many projects in so many stages of completion.  Unfortunately, I'm better at starting projects than completing them, but here are a few of the most prominent ones that I have written about.

I have decided to just leave my sewing machine on my desk to encourage me to use it.  I have so many projects planned and started.
Peasant style dresses, doll house and quilt top
Reading pillow and doll house
dollhouse and slippers
fabric blocks

Spinning / Wool recycling

 I am just getting started with wool.  I am learning to comb and spin using a drop spindle.  I really want to work more at this, but I have some other projects I have to finish before Christmas, so it'll have to wait a bit.
Fiber Arts Revival

I am also learning to felt and reuse old sweaters.  So far, my only real success is some baby slippers.

I have many children's books that are in various stages of creation.  I made a few for Christmas gifts and my kids loved them!
Here's some posts about them.
My projects
Books arrive