30 May 2010

the weather...ugh

It seems like these past weeks have been a major roller coaster of sunny, beautiful weather, and then a return of winter. As I sat, looking out the window, watching the snow fall yesterday, I can't help but wonder if spring will ever be here to stay. I've lived here almost my entire life, you would think I would be used to springtime in the Rockies by now, but I don't remember having such a chaotic spring in quite a while. We have hot, sunny days, followed by freezing weather and snow. Then the wind! Wyoming is known for it's wind, but this was something else. We even had hail last week.
Not only has this crazy weather caused us all to catch colds, it wreaks havoc on my spirits. It seems like for the last month and a half I've been waiting to plant out my seedlings until the next cold spell passes. But every-time one passes, there's another one moving in! It causes me to scramble to cover and protect the plants that are already out, poor things.
It strikes me today... what a difference a day makes. Yesterday, I was in despair that spring would ever come and about to give up on my little garden. Today, we're back to t-shirt weather and I may just start transplanting. Who knows? Maybe this time it's really spring!

28 May 2010

Here we go...

This is my first time blogging! I've never thought that I am interesting enough to post anything about, but lately, I've been wanting to kind of journal my thoughts and experiences and this seemed like a good way to do it.
Some background about me... I grew up as a ranch girl, and now that I'm a mom, I want the same experiences for my children. While many things have changed, and my children probably won't experience the full ranching way of life, the hard working attitude and self-sufficient lifestyle are definitely things I want to pass down. This blog will be my journal of the journey to being self- sufficient.
Gardening is on top of my list of skills to conquer. At 7000 feet in windy Wyoming, growing anything is a challenge, but it can be done, and I want to do it. Then to preserve what I can. I am familiar with canning, but I am learning how to preserve more and working on mastering the pressure canner. (on this note...I was just introduced to Tattler reusable canning lids from Homestead Revival, who is now having a give away, which I am totally entering.) Homemaking skills are also on my list, as well as several other projects. Some are started, some are still in the daydreaming stage...