18 November 2010

Wow, that was fast!

Those books that I've been going on and on about... that I screwed up...they arrived today!  I ordered them late Monday night, technically, I think it was Tuesday and they are here today, Wednesday.  Wow, and, the one doesn't make sense, of course, because one of the pages is all out of order.  But the one for my son turned out great.  He loves seeing pictures of himself and his reading is taking off, so I can just see him loving it.  Unfortunately, I have to wait a whole month to give it to him.  I'm so bad at waiting when I'm excited about a gift.

I planned on posting the whole thing, but I'm having fits with the photos, and I'm out of patience, so you only get two pictures.  It looks a lot shorter in this format, but when you add more pictures, it's about the perfect length for a six year old boy.

The Little Cowboys

 It’s a long day on horseback, over a hill, through sagebrush, down into a valley and then to the pasture near the corrals.

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