09 November 2010

Daylight savings time ended!

...As I'm sure you all know.  We knew too, but we were still late for church, even with the extra hour to prepare.  I really don't like that they keep pushing the date back.  We used to "fall back" at the beginning of October.  Now it's the beginning of November!  I wish they would just leave it one way or the other.

We have been a bit slow getting all the clocks changed, which has caused some confusion.  It's hard to run a house when every room is running in a different time zone.  I was so impressed yesterday with how early my husband got up and ready.  He didn't know he was so early though.  He was about to walk out the door, when he looked at his phone.  Oops, it's not 8:30, it's 7:30.  Got to get the bedroom clock set right!

Hope your change has been without incident!


  1. My dogs pretty much tell me what time it is, time to wake up, time to go outside, time to have the idiot hour, time to be fed. I admit, I hate the time change, I wish they would leave it alone, one way or the other!

  2. Move to AZ, we don't mess with all that silliness!!

    I don't pay close attention, since we don't do DST, but I've heard it's being phased out, and that's why it ended later. Something like that.

  3. Changing the clocks at our house is kinda like grocery shopping with my husband. When we get to the check out, we both have the same items. When it's time to change the clocks, he wakes up first and changes them, then I awake and change them.Again!Or visa versa.

  4. The time change didn't affect my husband and myself as much since we work at home. It was our critters who were off schedule for a few days till they got used to it. The one thing none of them have ever learned is the concept of clocks or money (for food)!