08 November 2010

Fall walk

I love fall.  I love the cool air, the smells, the colors, the quiet feeling.  I love running through the leaves on the ground.  I can't  help it.  Even pushing the stroller, we have to frolic through the leaves on the sidewalk... and then take off my shoes to get all the pieces out.  We went for a walk yesterday evening and we were pretty slow because I kept stopping to pick up pretty leaves.  There have been some amazing colors this fall.  Some trees have three or four different colors going on, although most leaves have already fallen.

We decided to fly kites since there was a breeze blowing, but by the time we got home to get the kites, the wind was gone.  We had a very pleasant evening.  You could see the snow up on the mountains, and today, it's here.  It's a cold, wet, snowy day today.  I'm so glad we got our walk in yesterday, and hopefully, we'll get a few more in before winter really decides to stay.

1 comment:

  1. Too bad you didn't get to fly the kites! Lovely view, Snow on the mountains is very pretty, but I am not fond of it my back yard.