04 November 2010

Hamburger Pie recipe, or leftover casserole

This is a recipe that my mom received from a friend as a newlywed.    It is a great "clean out the fridge" type of dish and it tastes great.  I have memories of this casserole all through my life.  It doesn't look great, so I was always a bit reluctant to eat it, and then I would end up having seconds and thirds.  It really is good.

The recipe calls for instant potatoes, something we never have around.  My mom fixed this to use up left over mashed potatoes and whatever vegetables were in the fridge.  So, as I still had a rather large bowl of potatoes left from Sunday dinner, my instincts called for this casserole.  I didn't have green beans, but I needed to use up carrots.  I think the key to this recipe is the tomato soup.  We use homemade and it tastes wonderful in there, but my mom often would throw leftover spaghetti sauce, or any other tomato sauce in as well.

Give it a try!


  1. It sounds delicious. I'm always game for a casserole.

  2. It's the same as my recipe only I don't add the egg! My family really likes this dish!

  3. I think the egg is to make the potatoes more spreadable and brown nicely. I didn't use one this time either.

  4. I think I will try this too. I will use the real mashed potatoes and try it with homemade tomato sauce.