10 May 2011

Travel Tuesday!

For the past several weeks, Trisha over at Roundabout has been taking us all on a tour of France, sharing pictures from her travels.  Seeing her pictures has made me want to share some of mine, only I've never been to France.  I've been to Germany.  My husband and I took a trip almost exactly two years ago, and something about the spring and all this rain has made me a bit homesick for my beautiful Germany.  So, you get to read about it.

This is the old court house in Bamberg, Germany.  The story is that the someone owned all the land and wouldn't allow the town to build a court house without spending a crazy amount of money.  So the people dumped rocks into the middle of the river and made an island and built the building there, since the person didn't own the river.

And this is the building I lived in about a decade ago when I spent time here on a mission.  See the windows in the roof?  That's where I lived, in the attic on the near side.  By far the coolest place I've ever lived.  That building was so old.  I found out it used to be a tannery back in the 1400's.  The floors weren't very level.  If you spilled your juice on the floor,  you had to run to catch it and clean it up.  The windows looked out on the courthouse from the first picture.

And this is the doorway of a 1000 year old church.  I don't know why I didn't take a picture of the whole church, it's pretty cool, with lots of tall spires.  I was so interested in the doorway and the stonework, that's all I took pictures of.

Not all my travels have such in-depth stories, I just happened to start with a town that I know and love.  More touristy places will be coming soon.


  1. i spent sometime in Bonn, Germany, a few years ago ... and loved it SO much!

  2. I'm so excited you shared your recent trip to Germany!! How cool to have lived in that building :) It always amazes me how old everything is....if walls could talk :D Beautiful photos!

  3. I am the only one of 9 kids that never moved from the state of Ky. My parents moved away to St. Simons Island,Georgia for right at 30 years,and I drove to visit them at least once a year. If not for that, I probably would not have seen the little of the United States that I saw going and coming. All of my siblings have lived in other states at one time or another,but not me. I'm still in Ky. and I've only left the county to live elsewhere on an occasion or two for very short periods.