07 May 2011

Preparedness Challenge: light sources

It's Saturday again... actually Saturday is almost over and I'm just getting to writing this.  It's the day to look over one of those areas of a 72 hour kit.  Last week, I wrote about warmth and shelter and I'm still looking at a few things there, but I wanted to move along.  Today, I'm inventorying our light sources.  The list I have recommends a flashlight with batteries, candles and lightsticks. 

Flashlights seem to always be the thing we forget about... until we need them.  Every camping trip or power outage seems to catch me off guard.  Then when I do find a flashlight, the batteries are dead.  It's just a hard thing to store with the battery thing.  That's why I'm loving the flashlights with a crank.  You wind it up, and it lights up.  We even have one that also has a radio and compass.  We keep the lantern type one in my bedroom and we have used it on more than one occasion as a nightlight for the kids when the power goes out at night.  (You wouldn't think you would need light after bed time, would you?)

Along with the wind-up flashlights, we have also accumulated some emergency candles, and I had no idea that I had light sticks until I was digging through our car emergency kit.  I think we're pretty well set as far as lighting goes.  How about you?

I'm linking up with Homestead Revival's preparedness challenge.


  1. Pop has a weakness for flashlights. We have one tiny flashlight by each bed, and two huge ones sitting out on the bar,just in case.They are more the spotlight kind. When the dogs bark at night,it's no trouble to see who or what is stirring out there.

  2. After reading Anke's post and your's, I'm thinking I really need to assess my own lighting situation. I have lots of flashlights and camping lights... somewhere! And I bought a oil lamp on clearance last year but the glass was broken; I thought I could replace it but I'm having trouble finding the right size, even on line. Time to take inventory! Thanks for the push and for linking up!

  3. That was a very fitting post for us! We just lost power for almost 6 days due to the tornadoes that hit our area, and we were not prepared enough. We are now assessing out situation and adding more emergency lights. Great tips!