27 May 2011

Speaking of underwear...

After all that underwear silliness, we weren't done yet.  Yesterday, we took a little trip to visit my sister's family.  My nephew was having a birthday.  While there, we discovered that the little man wasn't wearing any underwear.  He couldn't seem to explain it.  I know for a fact that his underwear drawer has plenty of clean pairs in it.  Now I am a bit paranoid about it and I asked him a few times if he is wearing any today.  And so life with a little boy continues...  and I am constantly asking myself, "what is he thinking?!"

Like last night, on our late drive home, he stayed awake the whole way drilling me with questions about how muscles work.  I'm not sure why that was on his little mind, but he asked questions for quite a while. 

In other news, my watering can is no more.  Well, I guess it still is, it just isn't quite as functional as it used to be.  It still holds water, but it's rather difficult to pour without the handle attached.  The boy is pointing at the dancing daughter, who claims the thing spontaneously broke all by itself.  She claimed that after she came out of hiding, so the boy got the full blown "things cost money... respect people's property..." lecture.  Not fair that he got it at that moment, but I'm sure there are several broken things that I don't know about yet.  He is a master of destroying things just because he can.

And the monster baby has taken things even further today.  She is not content until she is on the counter or table or desk.  She has mastered climbing up chairs, and from there, the sky is the limit.  Or so it seems.  Until she comes crashing down.  Her little noggin is covered with little bumps and red marks from her escapades today.  But will she learn?  Oh, no.  She keeps right on climbing.  I tipped one chair on it's side to discourage her, but she'll climb it any way.  It's going to be a rough couple of days I think.  For both her and myself.  I thought I had already baby-proofed my home, but no... In order to be truly baby safe I need to get rid of my breadpans and all chairs, as well as anything that could possibly be used as a stool, like the basket that holds her toys.  Either she is going to end up suspended from the ceiling most of the day, or we're going to have to start sitting on the floor because the chairs had to go.  I'm seriously considering blockading her into one area of the house with soft baby toys to play with.  My blood pressure can't take this much longer.

I came across this photo that I took a few weeks ago after some insane winds.  Not as insane as some parts of the country, but considering that we always have wind, this was something.  At first I thought a storm had blown in but then I realized it was dust.  The sky was so full of dirt it made it possible to look right at the sun to watch the sun go down.  I thought it looked kind of neat, so I snapped a few pictures.
I think that sums up my random thoughts for today.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll have an actual point for my post.


  1. Hey! I like the pictures! Really calming.

    About the boy.... I've had 4 and never could tell what was going on behind those big innocent eyes. I had a circus climber too, who once tried to climb the back of a wooden rocking chair.... so if you have one of those rockers, you may want to put it into the attic for a while. :-)

    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. So funny. It would have been nice to be able to blog when my boys were little...I think I would have been able to see the humor a little more!

  3. Oh my -- I remember those days. Calgon take me away!

    Love the photos, T. Amazing tones. :)

  4. Love the photos! My son went thru a short phase of not wearing underwear, I think it's just something they do.