05 May 2011

Transplanting day!

 It was planting day! My goal for the day was to get everything transplanted that was sitting in a small pot or t.p. roll.  It took a lot longer than I thought it would.  The cucumbers and squash went fast, but dealing with all those tiny lettuce, spinach, mustard greens and cilantro took forever. 
 Don't they look excited?  They are finally going home and they are going to grow and give me some good stuff.
 Here's the little squash that I transplanted a few days ago.  It doesn't look as bright eyed and bushy tailed as the others, but it has survived a very frosty few days without any damage.  I notice the weeds enjoy the environment inside the wall o water as well.
 Purple pansies just seem so cheerful, don't they?  They are finally all in their homes, spread throughout the garden areas.  They bring some needed color to the boring dirt.
 The mystery plant, starting to really grow.
 Here's one of the garden beds with a squash, some lettuce and some mustard greens along the edge.  I hate taking pictures at this point because there really isn't much to look at, but I like to compare later and see just how far the plants have come.
My neighbor calculated that we should be getting the early tomato varieties by mid June.  I can't wait!  The garden should be nicely filled out by then I hope.

In the course of the day, the monster baby has pulled up three pansies, smashed two tomato plants, eaten dirt, carried off my tools, put dirt in the watering can and had a wonderful time doing it.  Little stinker.  She had a bath this morning and now she has dirt in her ears.  Again.


 Here's me in my goofy garden hat.  My mom gave it to me for my birthday so I won't get my nose sunburned like usual.


  1. Your plants look so healthy. The mystery plant looks like it might be a Hosta. I love hostas.They come in many varieties. I have 3 or 4 types. All is looking good,but I hope you are not putting all of that in your 4 X 4 foot bed.It could get a little crowded.

  2. No, not all in the 4x4 beds. Most went into the planters around the patio, or in a few pots by the driveway. I plan to harvest most of the salad things by the time the other plants are getting big.

  3. I love your hat!! A true gardener :) Can't wait to see your garden grow!
    Tomorrow is my day for getting started on our beds. Of course its suposed to rain...but at least I won't get sun burn!!