03 May 2011

Strawberry plant and frosty nights

Here is the final resting place of my free strawberry plant.  I plunked some pansies in there for company and figured I might as well transplant a few of my winter sown lettuce and cilantro too.  I've got to find a home for the rest of the lettuce soon.  They are starting to crowd each other out.  The pansies aren't too impressive yet.  I didn't feel like driving around looking for more, so I bought the bedraggled ones at the grocery store.  They needed a good home.  Pansies are tough though, so I'm sure they'll make a good comeback.  Hopefully in a few weeks, I'll be able to show you a beautiful container.

Looks like we'll have two more cold nights and then things will warm up considerably and I'll be planting like crazy.  I'm sure the lettuce and pansies can take the cold, but I'm waiting till Thursday anyway, just to be safe.  The cucumbers and squash will soon be outgrowing their toilet paper rolls and need to be planted.  I'm always so worried about the plants getting too cold, but really, they seem to do better in the ground.  That is if they can survive the baby...

I'm starting to think that my chances of getting any ripe vegetables are diminishing.  Who cares about the sand box when you have boxes of dirt to play in?  And shovels to dig up any seeds that might be thinking about growing?  I hate to actually call her a monster, but she seems to be doing her best to earn that title and not just in the garden.  Maybe I should install some spikes around the boxes...  I've seen deer and rodent repellent stuff, anyone know of any child repellent for gardens?


  1. How exciting! Its sounds like its really coming along!! I hope to get started this weekend on ours. So far I only have rhubarb & chives going :)

    And saw your comment on my post..Please do a post on your Germany trip!! I'd love to see what I have to look forward to!!

  2. Awww, you have a little garden helper! Lucky you. :)