14 December 2010

Project roll call!

I achieved a record  yesterday.  I actually started and finished a project in one day.  Well, I guess I was technically up past midnight, but I'm still counting it.  The reading pillow that I was unsure of making came together very quickly, despite having to master sewing with faux leather.  That was a new experience for me.  I had more grand plans for it, but I was thwarted by a scrawny, sorry excuse for a craft section at the Wal-mart near my mother's house.  Pitiful.  If there had been an associate anywhere near the area, I would have told them my feelings, but I didn't see any.  Here's the finished product:

I thought it turned out pretty well considering I had no pattern and I have never made a pillow before. I really wanted some fun tassles hanging from the ribbon ends or from the corners, but alas, it was not to be.
And here's the finished doll house.  It could have used a few more buttons to hold things together, but I had to finish it up and go.

I was at my mom's to drop off (and make) the gifts for that side of the family.  Due to my travels, baking day will have to happen tomorrow.  I for-see many cookies being made.  Ginger, sugar...forgot to pick up an ingredient for peanut butter blossoms... we'll see what is created tomorrow, I guess.  Then Thursday will have to be laundry and packing, as we must leave by noon Friday, on our way to the in-laws for Christmas.  Maybe while there, I can post my feelings about traveling during the holidays versus staying comfortably at home...

I'm feeling so optimistic about my many little projects, I thought I'd make a list of all my undertakings and bring myself back to the reality that I still have more things to do than time to do them.  And since we're getting so close to Christmas, I'll add some festive colors to my list. 

Little Cowboy book:                                             done!
Cowboy Christmas book:                                     done!
Peasant girl dresses:                                             done and done
Fabric doll house for niece:                                  done
Fabric doll house for daughter:                            in progress
Sewing a number onto a hockey jersey for son:   needs to be done
Slippers for baby:                                                in progress
Mend dress-ups for daughter:                              needs done
Cloth blocks for baby                                          sew while traveling 
Reading pillow for nephew:                                done! and in record time
Write and send Christmas letter:                         written, needs sent
Bean bag heat pad for hubby:                             done, even though this is not something on his list
the quilt:     to eliminate stress, I am not worrying about finishing it.  I will work on it in my leisure time, or after the kids go to bed.

Despite the many things left to do, I'm feeling pretty peaceful, and not really frazzled at all, which is surprising.  I must be forgetting some things.  We'll see how I'm doing at this time next week.


  1. Good Job! Lots done! I do remember doing things at the last minute, everything was rush, rush, rush!

    Soon as it's all finished, you can slump into a heap.

    I agree with you about the quilt, doing it at leisure will make it that much better all the way around, and I think it deserves it!

    Love the little house!

  2. Wow! That's alot of work, missie! The reading pillow is an awesome idea -- did you make the pattern up by yourself?

  3. I do love making home made gifts, but I always want to keep one for myself. I hope that's not selfish of me.I could take a picture, but that's just not the same, for me.

  4. I saw the reading pillow on sewliberated.com and decided to give it a try. And I do want one for myself, but I'll wait till after Christmas to take on any more projects. I think I'll need a month of doing nothing to recover from all this Christmas cheer.

  5. Congrats on starting and finishing in one day-I'm impressed! Not that you did it to impress me, lol, but I'm still wowed! That reading book is an awesome idea. Would you consider making one to sell me in the future?

    Love the doll house too-what a great way to keep everything together.

  6. Sure Kelly... after Christmas. :)

  7. Neat gifts! I'd love to see more photos of that reading pillow.

  8. Well, that particular pillow is wrapped and under someone's tree, so I can't take any more photos of it until I get back home after Christmas. I will eventually make another one similar. I should take some pictures of the process, but then you would see my horrible sewing... :) I got the idea from sewliberated.com if you want to see what it's supposed to look like.