08 March 2011

What's that recipe?

I can't find a recipe.  I know I made it once, and it was liked by the family.  I forgot all about it until today when someone mentioned something similar.  I would like to make it again.  The only problem?  I can't for the life of me remember where I saw the recipe, or even what it's called.

I pop around blogland, and recipe sites, reading and trying out recipes.  It could have been from any number of sites.  Usually, if we liked it, I print out the recipe to save.  I didn't.  That makes me think it might be in an actual cook book on my shelf, but which one?  I'm flipping through the third one right now.

I want to say that they are called chicken dumplings, or something similar, but when I search that, all I get are a million chicken AND dumplings recipes and it isn't that.  What I'm thinking of is a chicken, mushroom and cream cheese mix, placed into a biscuit and baked.  We had a sort of gravy to pour over the top.    Maybe they're called chicken pastries?  Does that sound familiar to anyone? 

This whole thing came up today as I was planning a meal with another woman.  We are taking dinner to a woman in the neighborhood that is pregnant with twins(!) and just doesn't feel like cooking for her family with the morning sickness and all that.  Poor lady.  So my job is to come up with a side or two to go with a chicken dish kind of like the one I described.   No problem.  I'm thinking a pasta salad, a loaf of bread and some cookies.  I have some casseroles and such in the freezer that I'll take to her as well.  That way, she can tell her husband to shove something in the oven and let her rest.

Her meal is all taken care of, but now I'm driving myself crazy trying to remember what the chicken dish was called and where I first saw it.  Does this happen to anyone else, or am I the only one that forgets things as soon as I can't see them anymore?  I will try to remember to ask the other lady the next time I see her, but you know I'll forget.


  1. I don't think I know that one. If a recipe I think I will make shows up, I have a file in my computer called "Stuff from Blogs" and I copy and paste it before I leave my comment. Wish I would remember to put the makers name on it. (Surprising that I can remember to do that)

    I feel for the poor lady going to have twins. Ugh!

  2. I wish I could help you out on that :) I've done that & it drives me crazy!
    How nice of you guys to help out your friend with dinners too. Prego with twins & morning sickness...ahhhhh....hope it passes soon for her :)

  3. Here's a tool for storing recipes you find online: www.recipenut.com. You can save any recipe to it.
    Sorry, no help on the one you're looking for. I've never had anything like it, but it sounds good. If you find it, will you share?