14 March 2011

Beware the ...birthday of March!

I've been lazy lately.  Perhaps it's the ides of March... or maybe I'm just lazy. 

I had a birthday.  Actually, I've had many birthdays.  31 to be exact, or is it 32?  I did have a birth day on the day I was born, right?  Anyway, I'm 31 years old now.  I have to say that turning 31 wasn't nearly so traumatic as turning 30.  I guess I've come to terms with my gray hairs. 

I made the mistake of being honest when my kids asked how old I am now.  In their eyes, it's cool to be so old and they have been telling anyone that will listen just how old I am.  Thanks kids.

My sister was thoughtful enough to make me a nice chocolate cake, and I think she kind of hinted that it would be nice to not have to make her own cake when her day rolls around again.  Remind me in September, would you? 

I think it kind of bothered my kids that I wasn't planning a birthday bash.  My kindergarten son has now been introduced to the theme birthdays, complete with games and party favors, and he thinks I should be doing the same.  He even offered to invite some of his buddies over for my party.  Just what I want for my birthday, a bunch of sugar jazzed six year old boys tearing my house apart.  No thank you.  I would like a half hour to myself to just sit in my room and do whatever.  Read a magazine... doodle garden plans... stare out the window...

Instead, my son gave me ten pennies, my daughter gave me a hug and kiss (several times over) and they both wrote me letters and cards, with my help of course.  The husband, he brought me flowers... tulips, which I love.  He also gave me a giant container of nutella, which I also love.  On top of that, he gave me two, that's right, two cards.  That's how much he loves me.  I was wondering what took him so long at the store.  Now I know, he was reading cards and I have to say, the gushy one he picked was perfect.  I hope he actually read it.  I know guys that just grab the flowery-est card they see and slap their name on it.  I do know that he read the humorous one. 

All things considered, it was a good birthday.


  1. Sounds like a great day with your family, T. Birthday parties are often over-rated. :)

  2. Happy Birthday - I don't go in for birthdays anymore, myself. It's nice when people remember and it's fine if they don't send a card, and it's really GREAT when they don't give you gifts! (Unless it's a gift card, I am always glad to see those!)
    I'm glad your family was so thoughtful! Yes, 31 to a child is ancient, LOL! I think you are just a kid - matter of perspective!

  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful day, I love tulips too AND I have officially forgotten my age. Not intentionally mind you, but someone asked me my age recently and I realized much later that I had added a year in my answer. Geesh, if I'm going to lie about my age, you'd think I'd at least go down and not up! : )

  4. Happy late birthday! I haven't been in blog land much lately and I miss my blog friends. 10 pennies, huh? Is there significance to that?