01 March 2011

A few giveaways

Just passing on the information.

 Resweater is giving away the book, "Resew" by Jenny Wilding Cardon.  She finds things at thrift stores and makes them into usable things.  I like that.  It's something I would like to do more, but I don't get great inspiration while standing in the thrift store, so I think I could really use this book.  It sounds like she's doing a giveaway every day at several different blogs, so there's lots of chances to win!

Homestead Revival is giving a way a great filing system.  As I sit here at my desk, I am in danger of being buried by a paper avalanche, so I'm hoping I win it.  It's a JOYS (just organize your stuff) system and it looks promising.  I do like her approach to getting the paper piles under control.  Three files.  Action, File, Use.  Very simple.  I like simple. 

Go enter up if you're interested, and good luck!


  1. There's no hope for me when it comes to paperwork. I try to be organized, I really do!

    Hope you win -- good luck! :)