04 March 2011

Bunco à la mode

Late yesterday morning, my inspiration finally hit.  I had pie dough in the freezer and canned apple pie filling in the pantry... and I wanted to make pie. 

Only after the dough was defrosted did I look in my cupboard for the tins.  I discovered that I left my pie tins were left at my mom's house after Thanksgiving. Thankfully, I still had one smallish tin left here, so the pie making commenced.  Because the pie was so small, I had plenty of ingredients left to make some little tarts.  I guess that's what to call them.  I used my Easter flower cookie cutter to make some springy treats.  I saw something similar around blogland for Valentines Day and I thought I'd give it a try. 

I think they turned out great.  They are mostly crust due to all those petals, which I love.  That's honestly my favorite part of pie.  My kids were very disappointed that I would be taking them with me to share with a bunch of other ladies.  Won't they be happy to see that there are a few left for them?

I thought I was all prepared for the evening.  Treats and pie prize were ready, dinner was in the works, the baby was getting sleepy... and then, my husband's boss called and needed his assistance.  So much for my baby sitter.  I hate scrambling for a sitter at the last minute.  In fact, I hate calling a sitter in the first place.  Phone calls make me panicky.  If I hadn't already promised to be there, and known that there needs to be that certain number of people for the game to work, I would have just stayed home to avoid that phone call. 

I made my husband call.  It's sort of his fault, right?
Bunco was interesting.  Nobody there could really remember exactly how to play.  Most of the women had played before, many years before, so there were a lot of ideas of how it should go.  I know that there were lots of ideas because part of the game is to switch tables after each round, and each table was playing a little different.  The rules kind of morphed as we played.  I think we may have finally figured it out about the time that the game ended.  The next time we get together, maybe it will go more smoothly.  Maybe I'll have a back up baby sitter on speed dial.  Maybe not.


  1. Hey! You needed a night out sans kids....!!!!

    The little tarts are so cute! I'll bet they were good! Probably something you should make again???

    I used to hate calling a sitter at the last minute myself.

  2. Those look so yummy! Sounds like you had fun :) I like how you made your hubby call the sitter. I would have done the same thing :)

  3. Your cookie-tarts look delicious! And as far as the baby sitter -- I've never had to call one. (I guess I didn't get out much when my boys were small.)

    Glad you got to get out with the "adults." :)

  4. I will definitely make these again. My husband is a little scared of pie, but he eagerly ate the tarts...which is funny because he doesn't usually like the crust so much. Who can resist something so cute?

  5. That's great! My husband isn't really a fan of pie, but I am, so maybe I will try these!!

  6. Those look so yummy! I've never had to call a baby sitter much, probably could count on one hand but we're homebodies and I hate the phone too!