21 January 2011

More giveaways!

Lately, I've been on a sweater kick.  I made these slippers for the baby from a sweater.  My sister made me some cool mittens.  I'm still working on that dang hat, but I really want to make a cute little sweater dress for my girls.  I see them around and I had a silly thought about knitting one when I remembered that there are always cool sweaters sitting on the rack at the second hand store.  So, I took myself to the shop and commenced flipping through sweater after sweater.  I didn't find any that I liked.  Nothing I would dress a little girl in anyway.  I did come home with two sweaters.  But today, I found the sweater that I want.
[78] wool blend fair isle sweater for upcycling

Can't you see a cute little girl just learning to walk, stumbling around in a little dress that looks kind of like this?  And it just so happens that the person selling it is having a give away.  Resweater has tons of sweaters to choose from.   I just love the idea of reusing old wool sweaters.  She blogs about all her wool resweater projects in case anyone is interested in trying something out, but not sure what to make.

Also, Amy, over at Homestead Revival is hosting a soap giveaway.  Personally, I would pick the honey oatmeal variety if I win.

And finally, Frugal Granola is hosting a giveaway at a bed and breakfast in Washington, so if that sounds like your cup of tea, head on over there.


  1. I love to hunt for second had wool sweaters too. I just love what Resweater does with hers. I'm going to try a few things out with felted wool this year..eventually. Those slippers you made are too cute!

  2. Thanks for blogging about me! Those slippers are too cute!! :)

  3. Those baby slippers - wish they were my size, LOL! So cute! I used to make, I should say, remake, sweatshirts and pants for my son, out of old sweatshirts or ones I bought at spring sales. None of us can wear wool.

  4. All great ideas and I do love that sweater. The muted colors are lovely.

  5. I used to make recycled baby and kids sweaters that I sold at a local boutique. It's a shame when people throw wool sweaters out.
    I have beautiful visions of what you might create with that Nordic knit....and the booties, well they are just too cute!

  6. Okay, I'm going to make some booties out of old sweaters now. I have no choice. Those are insanely cute! Great job!!