10 January 2011


Not here.  All I have to give away are some peanut putter cookies with chocolate chips on top, and I think they may be gone by tonight.  :)  So much for that diet...

There are some giveaways that I thought I'd pass the word on though.  It seems like everyone is in a giving mood this morning.
  Mountain Home Quilts is giving away a homesteading book that looks like fun.   

Thy Hand Hath Provided is hosting a giveaway for Smashing for Pretty.  Some pretty cute jewelry coming out of there.

A Rural Journal is giving away several fun items.  This is my favorite.  A magnet that says how I feel.

Finally, Kelly the Kitchen Cop is giving away a gallon of olive oil as she encourages us to be healthy.

Okay, I think that's all. 


  1. Lots of giveaways! I need to do another one, but I haven't figured what or when yet, life seems to take my mind away from it. One of these days....

    I sure could go for some of those cookies.....

  2. Thank you, hon, for mentioning my giveaway.

    I think you should give away your cookies. I bet they are awesome! :)