17 January 2011

Anniversary and a slumber party

I have been married for seven years now.  We observed our anniversary just over a week ago.  I say observed because we didn't really celebrate due to the number of sick people in our house, including my husband.  Celebrating an anniversary without him seems kind of un-anniversary like. 

I guess saying that we didn't celebrate isn't exactly true.  You could say that we celebrated a week late by building a fort in the living room, using chairs and a big blanket.  Under the canopy, we gathered around the recently found wedding scrapbook to show the kids how much they have aged us since that day.  It was a fun and different way to celebrate, I guess.  Maybe not the most romantic getaway in our history, but certainly memorable.

The kids liked the fort so much, they begged to spend the night under it and since today was a holiday, we let them.  They offered to make room for us under there too, but I find that the excitement of a sleepover no longer makes up for sleeping on the floor.  Does that make me truly grown up?


  1. that sounds like fun! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy 7th Anniversary! Yep, a little out of the norm to sleep on the floor anymore, LOL! The kids would have loved it though and your back probably would have paid!

  3. Happy anniversary! We just had our 11th on Saturday. Its fun looking at the wed. album isn't it? Our kids think its "so funny".
    Also I've given you "the stylish blogger" award. I've posted it today. Congrats!

  4. We have a concrete floor and no carpet padding, so sleeping on the floor is OUT! Call me old, I don't care. We did move the couch and love seat to face the wood stove a while back and slept there with the doors to the stove open so we could see the fire.

  5. That's so sweet! And your flowers are gorgeous! Happy (late) Anniversary. :)

  6. A wonderful memory, and they'll be many more anniversaries to come without forts. : )

    Happy Anniversary ~Andrea~