03 December 2010

My temptations

It's December 3rd already!  Christmas will be here before long, much to the joy of my children, and to the terror of their mother.  I'm not ready!

I love doing homemade gifts.  I think they show more thought and love than a store bought gift, (unless that store bought gift is something I know they really, really want).  But for a procrastinator like me, that means most of November and December are devoted to finishing all those projects that I started in the spring.  I have finished a few projects like the book for my son, but I have many more in various stages.  I have almost finished a quilt top for my sister, but I still have to quilt it.  My husband assures me that with his help we will finish it in no time.  I don't know how he knows that, he's never quilted, but I'm glad for the help. 

I have one dress started for my niece.  I plan to make one more, at least.  Then, I plan to make a play house for her and my daughter like this one with some scraps.  Finally, I hope to get to make some cloth blocks for the little one.  And that still leaves my husband, who just can't think of anything that he really wants or needs.  He doesn't have the same problem with me.  I gave him my list: rolling pin that actually rolls, wooden spoons, a timer, and I always welcome subscriptions to Mother Earth News or Mary Janes Farm.

Amid all this Christmas workshop atmosphere, the worst thing happened.  I received a seed catalog from Seed Savers Exchange!  Normally, this is a welcome sight.  I love curling up in a chair and spending hours perusing all the interesting varieties and planning out my garden.  And that's the problem!  It's so hard to keep my gift making momentum up when that catalog is staring me in the face!  It tempts me so.  I can be strong.  There is plenty of winter to spend with that catalog after Christmas.  And I will put it away...after I peek at the tomatoes...
My -believe it or not- clean desk with the dreaded catalog.

 After that week of endless eating, I felt the need to make a change for a few days.  I committed myself to eating only fruits and vegetables for four days.  It doesn't sound like much, but for a meat eater like me, it's tough.  I'm on day three today.  I'm getting tired of vegetable soup.  It's amazing to me how normal, everyday things become a temptation when I decide not to eat them.  A slice of cheese, a piece of bread... nutella has never looked so delicious to me.  I am craving cookies and dying to make some, but my family will have to suffer a little longer because if I make them, I know I will eat them.  It feels good to prove to myself that I can do this.  I don't have to eat everything in sight, I can control myself.  I am strong enough to do this.

I sure will be happy on Sunday when I get to eat some roast beef though!


  1. Mother Earth News is still around? That's what got me here in TN nearly 30 years ago!

    I really don't have a problem with meat, but once in a while, I just gotta have a steak! My big no-no is sugar, sigh.... I do love veggies (candied yams) and fruit though, and I could probably have veggie soup every day, at least in the winter, haha.

    Happy gift making!

  2. Teekaroo, your fold away doll house is very similar to the reusable gift bags I am trying to make for use this year, instead of wrapping paper. I am working on my first one tonight.It is taking longer than I had planned, since we are so near Christmas, but I do love making such things. Maybe I will make more later and be ready for next year.