02 December 2010

Beginning the Christmas season

My goodness!  All day long I have planned to sit and write what is on my mind, but I just never got to it, and now the day is gone. 

We finally put up the Christmas tree!  It's pretty easy, considering that it's fake and only four feet high.  It is our apartment tree, since we really can't fit a real tree in here.  I let the kids decorate it, which means I'll have to move a few things around a bit.  They seemed to like the same type of ornaments all on one branch, but for a 4 and 5 year old, I'd say they did good.   The nice thing about a four foot tree is that kids can actually reach the top while decorating.  That, and the tree can easily be placed up high on a dresser or table so the baby doesn't climb into it.

So now that we actually have our decorations and Christmas books out, let the season begin!

...and let me go to bed!

1 comment:

  1. Looks a lot like my scene. We have a small artificial tree which I put up on a coffee table. The cats are trying to get at my ornaments, but I am working with them on that. A mister helps.Our space is so limited nowadays. The two girls have enormous trees, but they both have enormous homes,too.But I do love decorating for the Holidays. I can really get into the crafting mood about now.