16 February 2011

Tidbits: hunger strike, cold sore and graduation

My baby is on a hunger strike.  Unfortunately, she can't or won't tell me her terms.  I have tried to not stress about it, thinking that surely she'll get hungry and eat the next time I fly a spoon toward her mouth.  Nope.  Just the scrunchy face, turn the head thing that she's been doing for the last three days.  She does eat some plain dry cherrios and her bottle, but I would like her to get a few more things in as well.  I've tried every variation of baby food, and when that didn't work, I gave her some of my food.  Scrunch, turn.
Okay, this is a pickle face, but you get the idea.
 On the flip side, she slept completely through the night three nights in a row.  The two things must be related.  I just can't figure out how.

For the record, the cheap cold sore chapstick doesn't work.  I have applied every hour, as instructed and the cold sore has just kept on doing what it wanted to do, which is to take over my entire lower lip.  It's even bigger now (the lip) than before and I'm discovering that the lip does more than just hold the slobber in.  I sound silly when I try to talk and eating has been particularly challenging.

We found out today that my husband will likely graduate in the spring of 2014.  I knew it would be a few years, but putting a date on it made it feel oh so far away.  I refused to put a time limit on when we moved here because I knew it would take longer than I wanted, but deep down, I was hoping to be out of here about two years sooner.  Oh well, patience now.... and as my mom would say, "In three years, you'll still be three years older."


  1. Is your little one teething? My son didn't want to eat when he had teeth coming in.

    Not sure if you live near a CVS pharmacy, but they have the best cold sore medicine I've ever found (and I've tried everything!). It stops the cold sore in its tracks.

    I actually had to use some last week because a runny nose irritated my skin and I started to get a cold sore. Usually it only takes one vial, but I had to use two this time, it was a bad one.

    I actually blogged about the medicine because I love it so much:

    I hope you can find it!

  2. Just got home from picking up a scrip at Walgreens, they have the same stuff with their own name on it. And it was $2 cheaper!

  3. Oh, your little one looks so determined! If only I could scrunch up my face and refuse food. I might lose a couple of pounds!

  4. I would have guessed teething too. But I don't know either. Sleeping through the night is nice though :)
    2014 sounds like forever, but I bet it will fly by.

  5. I cannot imagine her problem, Usually teething they are cranky 24/7. Nice that she's sleeping all night. Maybe that just how she feels about food right now.

    I hope you can get rid of the cold sore, I have only had one that was super bad, and the doctor didn't seem concerned. I was PG at the time and I swore it was going to take over my face.

    Three more years? I feel like my son's 4 years just flew. I think it's all a matter of perspective.

    Have as good a night as you can!

  6. My little girl is cutting her first tooth right now so eating solids has come to almost a complete halt. Luckily I am still breastfeeding for some meals so that supplements where she refuses her solids. Hopefully your little one will start eating again soon!