07 October 2010

Bye mom! I love you!

I didn't cry when my oldest started kindergarten. Honestly, he didn't give me a chance. He was through the door, backpack hung up and finding his seat before I could even sniffle. I had to chase him down to get a goodbye kiss. But he did make me tear up last week as I saw him to the door. He was running up the sidewalk, when he suddenly stopped, whipped around and yelled, "Bye mom, I love you!"
What a sweetie. He knows how to melt my heart.
I'm storing this memory for later when it will not only be un-cool to say such things in front of classmates, but it will also be mortifying to even be seen with mom.


  1. Oh, how sweet! A treasure to hold close in your heart!

  2. A wonderful memory to savour! And I cried, for all the good it did me. We've already reached the too cool for mom stage and it came waaaay too fast.


  3. Aww! Gotta love those times!