12 October 2010

Bread success!

As my husband can attest, I have had many failures in my bread making career. They taste okay, but look absolutely horrible or, they look okay, but have crazy textures. I have at least 25 different wheat bread recipes that I have gathered and I have been making my way through them. This one seemed way too simple to be that impressive and called for olive oil, which seemed funny to me. I never considered putting olive oil in bread. I have to say, though, this is my favorite recipe yet. My husband has requested this one over and over. I think the extra gluten flour holds it together, so it doesn't get crumbly. I tried it once without the olive oil and it was just not as good. Here is the recipe:

Whole Wheat Bread
makes 2 loaves
2 cups warm water
1/3 cup honey
1 Tbs yeast
1/3 cup olive oil
2 tsp salt
1/3 cup wheat gluten
5-7 cups wheat flour

Combine water, honey and yeast and let proof. Add oil, salt, gluten, and 3-4 cups flour. Continue to add more flour until the dough does not feel sticky to the touch. Knead for 10-15 minutes by hand. (less if you have a mixer, you lucky dog) Let it rise once until doubled in size. (this is hard for me. I'm so impatient) Punch down and form into two loaves. Let rise in warm oven until 1/2 inch above pan. Turn oven on to 350 (leave loaves in) and bake for 30 minutes.


  1. MMmmmm! That looks soooo goooood! I will say - I do have a bread machine (gathering dust) that made the best bread! I think my recipe too a couple cups of bread flour and the rest wheat though.

    Nothing as good as fresh homemade bread and lots of real butter. I always get the heel!!!

  2. I need to at least put my bread machine back into commission. I keep seeing all these bread posts and I want FRESH, HOMEMADE BREAD! It looks fabulous!