16 September 2010


I think I have just fallen in love with the idea of planting more than what you need in the garden and sharing with those unable to grow garden goodness.
Due to our move, my garden had to be put to bed. We weren't there to tuck it in on a few chilly nights and it died. I wasn't there to take care of it or harvest things anyway, but I'm still kind of sad to be done already. I'm not done having those summer vegetable meals from the garden.
We moved to a place where peoples gardens are still going pretty strong and it is kind of depressing that I don't have my garden here and I don't really know anyone to beg a tomato off of. I was moaning to my husband about it and how I've only met a few young mothers who surely don't garden, we can't afford to buy much at the farmer's market, and grocery store tomatoes just aren't the same.
The very next morning, I went to a neighborhood playgroup for the first time and almost immediately, one of the other mothers asked if anyone was interested in some produce. I was so grateful to be blessed by her generosity. I doubt she realized what a blessing her over abundant garden was to me. We already ate the zucchini and I have a lovely bowl of tomatoes sitting on the counter just waiting to be part of a B.L.T.


  1. Sounds like something to think about for next spring! I had such horrible luck with the few things I tried to grow, I know I would have loved getting a tomato or two and a nice zucchini! I have to buy my stuff at the store and I know what you mean about the tomatoes!

  2. how nice! It sounds like you will have a nice little network once you start getting around and meeting people.

  3. Hi! I really hate to do this to a novice, but I believe you will do just fine.
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