16 September 2010


I knew the minute we bought our mini van that someone would get something slammed in one of those sliding doors. I assumed it would be one child slamming another child's fingers. I was wrong.
My four year old daughter slammed her very own arm in the door. -she has a special talent for hurting herself in new and interesting ways- I didn't see exactly how it happened, I was gathering my bags, but I heard the thud and knew from the long moment of silence (as she sucked in breath to scream) that it hurt pretty bad.
I helped the sobbing little girl to the house and into the kitchen where we found the freezer door wide open with her five year old brother standing on a chair, pulling out the ice cube tray to make an ice pack for her arm. As I took over the ice pack job, he ran to the bedroom to get her favorite fuzzy blanket and asked her what movie would make her feel better so he could get it started.
I guess he was listening as we explained his vocabulary words...

Comforting: something comforting makes you feel better when you are hurt of afraid.

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