16 April 2012

Cautiously Hopeful...

I feel kind of silly writing a little post after being absent for so long.  I went a month at least without reading a single blog.  It was no fun, but necessary, I guess.  My 2 year old hit a stage that was particularly rough on me.  It resulted in us putting a lock on my bedroom door to have somewhere safe from her.  My computer desk is bare of everything except the computer.  I figured if there was nothing there to play with, maybe she would stop climbing up there.  I decided that after she peed on my desk and on my chair.  Separate incidents, same day.  I spent several weeks following her path of destruction and that's about all I accomplished.  No sewing, no cooking, no gardening.  Just her and me battling our wills.

She seems to have hit her peak and started down, thank goodness.  Let's hope there's no more mountains like this one to climb.  I would post a picture of the little darling, but she is naked in every single one.  On this downward side, she is being very funny and cute.  Yes, she still makes messes, but she's willing to help clean them up.  She is mastering things like putting on her clothes and knowing how to throw garbage away and that makes her happy and a little more snugly, for some reason.  After finishing some job, she'll look at me, waiting for me to tell her what a great job she did.  It's quite fun.  She helped me plant peas and spinach a few weeks ago and has been pretty good about not climbing into the boxes.  She got a watering can for Easter and seems to really enjoy drowning one section of the garden.  

So, as she is moving on in her life, I'm slowly finding my way back to my life.  I finally read some postings from my blog list and today, I actually baked both bread and cookies.  Oh, and I did a load of laundry.  I'm on a roll!  I am looking forward to starting some new projects and finishing a few that I already started.

My little man is being driven crazy by a loose tooth.  It's been loose for over a week and I mean really loose.  It's been sticking straight forward and grossing me out every time I look at him.  I can't believe it's still attached to him.  This is the boy who, in the fall, decided it was time to loose a tooth and loosened and pulled one in one night.  Then he did the same thing on the other side the next week.  Those teeth are finally growing in, since they weren't really ready to come out.  This one won't give it up despite his best efforts.  I just tied another bit of floss to the tooth for him to yank on.  Yuck.  The life of a mother...

Anyway, I'm hopeful that I will again be able to do the crazy stuff I love and then maybe, if the stars align correctly, I'll share them with you.

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