07 June 2011

Travel Tuesday

Main market area Ochsenfurt.
 At this point in our trip, we started down the touristy Romantic Road.  I went a little crazy for the timber framing on all of the old houses.  I love timber frame building and I want my someday house to have some big timbers in it.

Bridge over a canal.  Marktbreit am Main
 I also went a little crazy for stone arches.  I just love these old buildings.
Timber and stone arch. Marktbreit am Main

Rapunsel did not let down her hair.  Marktbreit.

Iphofen.  Very interesting building.

Arch, timbers and a prancing pony sign.  I couldn't resist.
I love the window boxes.  This was either Creglingen or Roettingen.

Cutest little flower shop.  At this point the husband tried to take the camera away.

I loved this tower thing.  Probably won't do that on my someday house, but it's pretty darn cool.


  1. WOW, that timber thing could almost be too much, huh? Beautiful buildings and stonework!

  2. I believe they call those pointed roofs, turrets. All of these structures are just gorgeous. I can see why you took so many photos. :)

  3. Oh I love that little flower shop & that tower!! We're going to Germany next summer & I can't wait to see a steet like that :) Beautiful!!