02 June 2011


Memory is a strange thing.  My husband has an uncanny ability to remember numbers.  Account numbers, phone numbers, his license number, etc.  My college roommate could remember names.  She would meet someone briefly one time in a dark room and remember them a year later.  My sister has a funny memory talent.  She remembers everybody's experiences as her own.  All of our funny family stories that are often retold, have each become her stories.

This picture has nothing to do with the post topic.
I do not remember numbers, or names (I forget them almost as soon as I've been introduced) and I'm pretty sure I remember the family stories correctly.  I remember strange things.  I remember where things are.  Not because I put them there, but because I saw it there.  For example, the husband asks if I have seen one of his tools.  I will remember that I saw it on something, in the basement, under something else.  I keep thinking and trying to remember what I saw until I can tell him to look on the old stove, under the laundry basket.  If I have seen it in passing, I can usually remember where it was, or enough details to get us close.

I'm so used to being able to find things, that it frustrates me to no end when I can't find something.  For example, my make-up bag.  It has disappeared.  I thought I took it with us on our last trip to the ranch, but it did not make it back.  My mom says it is not at her house.  She has the same kind of memory as I do.  If it was see-able, she would have seen it and remembered.  I am about to give my room a thorough cleaning to make sure the baby didn't hide it somewhere.  She is known to hide things.  My only other thought is that I did leave it at mom's but the little girls found it and have it stashed in the toy room to play with. 

This missing item has completely thrown me off my memory game.  Since it's disappearance, I have lost other items as well.  One such item is a pair of pants.  I know I washed them and folded them and purposely left them here instead of taking them on that ranch trip.  Yet, they are now gone.  There is no memory of where they could be.  Did they run away with my make-up?

Off I go to tear apart my bedroom.  Wish me luck!

*update* The room is now clean.  Still no make-up, but I did find a magazine that I have been looking for, and those pants.  Now if I could just find the make-up and my sunglasses...


  1. My Mom was good at that and I could do it too - until we moved here. You're looking for what? Oh, it's in the right hand top buffet drawer, on the left side about a quarter of the way in. Yah.......

  2. I think most women have that "I know where that is..." talent. Seems to be necessary.

    Hope you find your makeup bag. That would drive me crazy!

  3. Just a good excuse to not worry about what I look like. :) Hope I don't get called in for an interview before I find it!