30 April 2011

Preparedness Challenge: warmth and shelter

A few weeks ago, I posted about the 72 hour kit, or bug out bag, that I am working on.  Since the list of needed items is so long and overwhelming, I am breaking it down section by section.  Last time I looked at the "extra clothing" section and I think we'll be okay as far as that goes.  The next section I want to tackle, is warmth and shelter.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that after 7 years of marriage, we do not own one bit of camping equipment.  Not even sleeping bags.  We do go camping, we just have to borrow things from friends and family when we go.  I've just been too cheap to invest in that stuff.  In my mind, it was not a necessity, so I didn't want to spend money on it.  As I've been thinking from a preparedness standpoint however, these expenses don't seem so frivolous. 

The suggested list of items includes:
waterproof matches and another method of starting a fire
wool-blend blanket or sleeping bag
emergency reflective blanket
lightweight stove and fuel
hand and body warm packs

I have a small pack of matches and a lighter, some emergency blankets, warm packs and ponchos.  If I did  need to leave my home, I don't think I'll really enjoy snuggling down under those emergency blankets for the night, huddled around a lighter and clutching a hand warmer.  I finally decided that it was time to invest in some camping gear.  The plan is to get a good hiking type backpack and fit our camping equipment inside.  We want to buy a small propane camp stove and a small tent that can be easily carried and fit our little family if we all needed to get out of the weather.  In un-emergency times, this tent will be just for the kids to camp in.  At first I thought those tiny hiking sleeping bags would be the way to go, but I changed my mind.  We are going for actual use as well as emergency preparation here.  We bought two sleeping bags that can be zipped together to make a big sleeping bag.  I wanted that so that we could squish the whole family into one sleeping bag if we really need to.  They were delivered this past week and I haven't had any buyers regret.

As money allows, we will add the tent, stove and backpack, but this is a start.  At least we'll be able to keep each other warm at night.  I have to say that this was a great way to get my husband excited about emergency preparedness.  He has been the one researching and finding deals on the web.  Poor guy has been waiting 7 years for the go-ahead to buy camping gear.  I'm finally there.

I'm linking up to Homestead Revival's preparedness challenge.


  1. LOL!! So glad for you and that your husband is excited now, too!! This sounds like it was a really good purchase. I thought about buying a tent soon as well and allowing the girls to sleep in the back yard this summer. Some friends did this and their kids will have memories forever. Even better that it can be used for camping and to have it if you're on the move due to a crisis.
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I am a new follower to your blog, and I must say, you have some wonderful ideas, and a great outlook!! My husband and I were avid hikers when we lived in CA, but now we live in Tornado alley so our hiking gear works as a go to emergency pack! REI sells tents at half off usually in May....just thought you might want to know.

    Take Care and I look forward to stopping by often!

  3. Jaclyn, thanks for the tent info. I'll let the husband know. :) I hope you haven't had too much trouble with the terrible storms last week.