15 June 2010


I finally transplanted everything into the garden! I'm way behind schedule, but at least it's done. I think everything is finally planted. If things goes well from now on, we will probably be buried in summer squash before long. That's okay with me, we didn't get any last year. Those poor pumpkin seedlings were miserable in their tiny pots. Hopefully now they will be able to stretch out and take off. This is basically my third year as a serious gardener and I am addicted, I think. I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew this year though.
I really miscalculated how much I would be able to do with a new baby. Granted, she's four months now, not exactly new, but she just doesn't enjoy the out of doors like I do. The slightest breeze takes her breath away, and when she catches her breath, she lets me know how irritated she is. The only time I can get in the garden is early morning, when everyone is still sleeping, but I have a very hard time getting up. That is a goal of mine-- to get up early and have some time for my little projects, scripture study, and just some peace and quiet for day-dreaming. Maybe tomorrow...


  1. my favorite time in the garden is right around 6am. Granted, we reached 104 degrees here yesterday afternoon so I really don't have any other choices, but still....love early mornings for all my chores.

  2. It was absolutely beautiful this morning. I didn't get out there at 6, and my baby woke up earlier than usual, but I got out when she went back to sleep. I wish I could remember how much I love it, when my eyes won't open in the morning.