02 August 2010

Happy harvesting

I almost had one of those days where I get so much done and it all works out great... almost. I actually got up early today! That's hard for me, but today I did it and I headed out to the garden to do some much needed weeding. I came home with more than I expected. It was such a fun morning in the garden. The peas that I gave up on actually had some pea pods ready to pick. Those wonderful 'one ball' squash had two more for me, I picked a head of lettuce and all my beets --nine total. Not a good beet year. One and a half pints of pickled beets is all I got. We use the greens too. Surprise! One of my mystery squashes is an acorn squash. I don't know much about them. I think it was ready to pick. Do they store well? Guess I'll be doing a little research. I also accidentally broke off some green cherry tomatoes. I doubt they'll ripen, but we'll see.

Garden tended, two loads of laundry, canning, cookies, bread, dishes, dinner started... of course something had to go wrong. Somewhere in there, I killed the bread. It started out so great, but it ended up two ugly, stubby loaves. Not my greatest baking moment.


  1. acorn squash keeps well. We love it roasted in halves with brown sugar, maple, and butter.

  2. I thought I'd read that they keep well, but they seem so small, I thought maybe I was wrong. Thanks for the idea for cooking it. Maybe we'll eat it tonight.